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Will Bruder Architects LLC is a new studio of architects and design professionals being led by Will Bruder, FAIA. Building on his focused vision and more than forty years of professional experience, the studio seeks to create original, functionally poetic architecture, interior designs, and urban planning solutions that celebrate the aspirations of clients and an appropriateness of the contexts they inhabit.

At the core of our work is a commitment to architectural ideas and realities that raise the most ordinary of circumstances to levels of joyous invention and unexpected richness. In our collaborative and cooperative process, we choreograph program and process, as well as movement, materials and light to make buildings of refined scale and studied proportion.

Our buildings are designed from the outside in and the inside out such that their form is a reflection of spaces within and never just form for form’s sake. An authenticity of material choices and detail resolution carry the logic of ‘making’ an a rigor of weighted connectedness.

We believe the only way to achieve the ‘rightness’, ‘build-ability’, and excellence is through rigorous evolutionary listening and questioning. Our foundational efforts never lose sight of the integrity of a material’s potentials, the order of construction sequence, the consequences of first cost and long-term maintenance, and the craftsman and his tools. This understanding is imbedded in our every conceptual idea and is carried through to each project’s detailed resolution, thereby offering sustainable and enduring value to the built environment.

Architecture makes the greatest contribution when it goes beyond the predictable to offer experiences and memories that are ripe with intellectual challenge and sensual delight, inviting all who experience it to see the world from a different point of view.



Architectural design excellence…

When we experience architectural design excellence all our senses are alerted and nourished.  Our curiosity is piqued, our time and place is reflected and respected in unexpected ways. Our minds are opened to new ideas, our confidence in the possibility of the human endeavor renewed. We feel comfortable yet challenged, understood yet urged to stretch. We want to be in such places alone and together with others. We want to be in such places at all times of day and night and through all seasons. We want time in such places to learn their secrets and confirm the validity of our initial awe. We want such places to serve as markers of our best efforts.  We want such places to exist beyond our lifetime. 

Will Bruder

will bruder

Will Bruder FAIA lead design architect / president
For 40 years Will Bruder has explored inventive and contextually exciting architectural solutions in response to a sites opportunity and the user needs. His work celebrates the craft of building in a manner not typical of contemporary architecture. Through his creative use of materials and light, Will is renowned for his ability to raise the ordinary to the extraordinary. Self-trained as an architect, Will has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He supplemented his studio art education with further study of structural engineering, philosophy, art history and urban planning. He followed this with architectural apprenticeship under Paolo Soleri and Gunnar Birkerts. Opening his first Arizona studio in 1974, Will continues to lead and mentor students of design from his firm in downtown Phoenix. He has led work for over 500 commissions, received prestigious national awards as well as lectured and been published all over the world. He has held numerous visiting chairs including one’s most recently at University of Southern California, Illinois Institute of Technology, Yale University, MIT, University of Toronto, University of Virginia and Portland State University and University of Oregon. Will is actively engaged in his community in civic conversations regarding downtown Phoenix and the role of design in place-making within its fragile, young and optimistic urban desert environment.


Jeff Densic

Jeff Densic senior project architect

With a scientific background including work in microbiology and virology, Jeff brings to architecture a phenotypic attention to detail.  The rigors of the scientific method have also proven helpful in his garnering of several AIA and industry design awards. His architectural training has included studies at the University of Cape Town, the University of Newcastle under Pritzker laureate Glenn Murcutt and work with noted visionary architect Paolo Soleri. Jeff returns to the studio of Will Bruder Architects after a decade hiatus in Chicago.   There he worked on several international projects of note and was directly involved with the restoration of two local seminal works by Mies van der Rohe – the iconic twin towers at 860-880 Lake Shore Drive and the Chicago Federal Center. Having completed work in deserts Arabian to Sonoran, Jeff has an interest in promoting passive haus design, high performance buildings, and finely crafted details.


Kent McClure

Kent McClure senior project architect

Kent has been working closely with Will since 2010, applying his diverse set of skills to the development of projects throughout all phases of design & construction. On projects including Parmly Billings Library, Kent was instrumental from project inception, producing models and working with Will to realize the fundamental design. He then served as project architect for each, seeing the work through construction. Other notable projects with Will include Kimball Arts Center, and SeaArc Residence remodel / addition.  As project architect leading work across a continuously expanding range of architectural programs, building types, project scales, and geographic locales, Kent has developed a thoughtful, empirically based approach to architectural problem solving. Presenting considered architectural solutions, with the highest level of craft and clarity, is at the core of Kent’s ethic. Prior to joining Will Bruder Architects Kent worked for six years at another distinguished Phoenix based design firm. Kent, a Kansas native, completed his architecture at Kansas State University in 2005.


Jacqueline Twardowski

Jacqueline Twardowski project manager

Jacki is a graduate of IIT, where she earned her Master of Architecture. She was a finalist in the 2012 Schiff Foundation Fellowship and received the Masters Project Award of Excellence for her K-12 Vertical School. With Will as one of her thesis advisors, she accepted his offer to join Will Bruder Architects directly after graduation. In the studio’s small team environment, Jacki engages in architectural design and documentation phases, creation of graphic media, and community engagement. Jacki’s interests lie in the exploration of the urban environment and the human scale in relationship to the city. She gained a global urban perspective through her work with the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. She also developed a more local knowledge of building assembly at steel fabrication firm JET Industries, Inc. having worked on landmark Chicago projects including Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago Modern Wing. She has traveled extensively in Germany and Chile, as well as through America and Europe.


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