The concept of ‘cool cloud’ stations and their canopies is grounded in a metaphorical marriage of the beauty of our region geologically and the dynamic energy of its ever-changing skyscape…where clouds in the heat of summer are cool.

The platform design is functionally sculpted to integrate the basic necessities of the best light rail engineering design. There are ergonomically comfortable seating opportunities designed to maximize vertical shade potentials, inventively considered biomassive/landscape interweavings, and anticipated artists’ interventions.

Inspiration for the platform design and details is rooted in the angular mountain profiles that surround us and the man-made magic of Wright’s desert masonry walls at Taliesin West, as well as the sophisticated technological resources of our region’s industries.

will bruder architects LTD
Project Type
Civic + Cultural, Unbuilt, Urban Planning

Light Rail Competition

Phoenix, AZ /2000 /Details