This branch library, sandwiched between a strip retail center and a beige stucco subdivision, draws in palette and construction from the language of its neighbors. Stacked bond concrete masonry units and glass enclose the simple rectangular volume of hard-trowelled concrete floors, sandblasted cmu walls, exposed gang-nail trusses, glu-lam beams, steel pipe columns, and painted gyp-board partitions.

In the tradition of fledgling western frontier banks, post offices, and city halls, whose dignified, yet paper-thin, street facades belie their utilitarian construction, the Library’s “false front” respects both the limited budget and large civic pride. In the open plan a sculpture hovers above the single circulation desk while illuminated banners assist way finding. A twisting white plaster ‘story tower’ invites pre-reader fantasy and a south facing desert garden offers a relaxed reading spot.

Agave Library addresses issues of excellence and affordability in sustainable design while raising the palette of the ordinary to that of the inspiring, comfortable and memorable.

Will Bruder Architects Ltd.
25410 Sq. Ft.
Project Type
Civic + Cultural, Interior Architecture, Selected Works

Agave Library

Phoenix, Arizona /2009 /Details