Mad River Boat Trips is conceived as a metaphorical ‘rusty’ rock wedged alongside Flat Creek. As an extension od Snow King Mountain, its architecture draws from the straight-forward structures-barns. Hay sheds, and gas stations- of the Wyoming landscape, while simultaneously making a distinctive mark in an otherwise non-descript commercial highway strip. The building’s minimal and transparent custom glazed highway façade reads as a shimmering waterfall to all who pass, and has become a dynamic entry marker for Jackson.


The building serves as departure lounge headquarters ans warehouse for the staging of Mad River’s whitewater rafting adventures on the Snake River. A rich mix of functions is housed within: a white water rafting museum, retail space, ‘bunkhouse’ for river guides (workforce housing), topped by the owner’s deluxe penthouse apartment. In form, materiality and program the building speaks to the robustness and imagination of the owner as well as the mythic individualism of the Wyoming experience.

Will Bruder Architects Ltd.
7857 Sq. Ft.
Project Type
Commercial/Mixed-use, Interior Architecture

Mad River Boat Trips

Jackson, Wyoming /1995 /Details