What started as the modest remodel of a 1970’s pseudo-Spanish house, totally lacking in views, sited on a spectacular mountainside lot in Paradise Valley Arizona, turned into a fully reworked ‘sculptural’ experience. Focused on the creation of a 200′ long, north facing, seamless glass ‘horizon catcher’, the architecture evolved into a fresh and highly specific armature for the clients’ personal proclivities.

A processional interweaving of curved wall forms and changing volumes, bathed in natural light, loosely define the living spaces and daily flow patterns. The plan poetically captures pragmatic functional needs while evolving an inside/out/outside/in feeling of site connectivity. With its ‘free-flowing’ form, the residence complements the clients’ ‘museum quality’ modern furniture collection and offers a refined contrast to its jagged mountainside site.

William P. Bruder Architect Ltd.
Project Type

Townsend Residence

Paradise Valley, Arizona /1997 /Details